Joan L Davis

I'm Joan L. Davis

Welcome Coaching Services

Each client receives the following services once they have contacted my organization. They receive a FREE 30-minute Consultation Session via Zoom. This FREE Consultation is to help in gathering important factors and analyzing is the services provided within this organization are a suitable fit for the client as well as for myself.

Our mission

My mission is to provide transformational faith-based counseling services to address issues of self-esteem, depression, grief, and loss in women.


My vision is to restore hope, encourage personal growth, heal emotional wounds, and strengthen young adult women and older adult women faith in God.


My purpose is to welcome women who are facing emotional stressors and support each through prayer and mentorship.


My goal is to provide a phenomenal and transformational counseling services that will impact locally and nationally. I will address problem of self-esteem, depression that can leads to suicidal thoughts ADHD both in young and older adult women, grief, and loss through the healing process. An organization that will be that bridge that will guide young women and older adults through counseling sessions, spiritual development, conferences with a sole purpose to strengthening women, encouraging women, and challenging women to overcome those emotional stressors.

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